Manav Rachna School of Leadership and Management: Redefining education with industry titans

Business schools today are transforming business education to be more focused on skills and holistic development. The School of Leadership and Management (SLM) at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies is leading the way by adopting an all-inclusive approach. They have restructured the MBA Curriculum to meet industry requirements and provide students with real-time learning and industry immersion.

To empower MBA graduates, SLM has created a Strategic Mentoring Board consisting of industry experts. Under the mentorship of the late Dr. Pritam Singh, the Board includes twenty luminaries from organizations like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Nissan Motors, ONGC, and HCL. Dr. SY Siddiqui, Chief Mentor of Maruti Suzuki, heads the board, which offers guidance and mentorship to students.

In addition, SLM hosts an annual HR Round Table where elite industry experts gather to discuss talent acquisition trends across various sectors. This promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals from different industries.

To address the importance of personal branding, SLM formed the Young Leaders Conclave (YLC). The YLC educates emerging leaders about personal branding and other relevant trends to help them meet market demands. Distinguished professionals from industry and academia, such as Rajeev Dubey, Sahil Girdhar, and Gauri Bhasin, contribute to this collaborative environment.

Manav Rachna, a top-ranked institution, offers an MBA Dual Specialization program accredited by AICTE and NBA. Students can choose from 15 specializations and have the option to graduate with dual specializations. The programs cover both business and management courses.

Manav Rachna takes pride in the achievements of its alumni who have excelled in various industries such as government organizations, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. Some notable alumni include Ankita Das, a table tennis player with multiple medals in national and international events, Ankur Mittal, an Indian Olympic shooter and gold medalist at the ISSF World Championship 2018, and Gagan Narang, an internationally recognized shooter and Olympic bronze medalist.

Recognizing their commitment to excellence, the School of Leadership and Management (SLM) at Manav Rachna has been ranked among the top 5 private B-Schools in India according to the Times B-School Survey 2022. This achievement reflects the unique initiatives undertaken by SLM to provide students with exceptional resources and opportunities.

The Director of SLM, Dr. Deepti Dabas Hazarika, expressed pride in achieving 100% placement for the MBA Batch of 2022. Through rigorous training from the MR Career Development Centre, students receive skill-based employability mentoring that transforms them into professionals. The dedicated Corporate Resource Centre focuses on placing students in internships and final recruitment.

Understanding the importance of industry exposure, Manav Rachna Institute ensures business graduates receive a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on experience and process knowledge. The Vice-Chancellor of MRIIRS, Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, emphasized the institute’s commitment to fostering the holistic development of aspiring individuals, preparing them to successfully tackle real-world challenges.

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