France to offer 5-year Schengen visa for Indian students

France has introduced a new plan to provide a five-year Schengen circulation visa specifically for Indian students. The goal is to host 30,000 students from India by 2030, aiming to enhance academic excellence, strengthen cultural ties, and cultivate a lasting friendship between the two countries.

During his recent visit to France, Prime Minister Modi announced that Indian students pursuing a master’s degree in France will now be granted a five-year long-term post-study visa, as opposed to the previous two-year work visa.

The French embassy has outlined the details of this initiative and expressed the belief that even a single semester spent by an Indian student in France should be valued and nurtured. As a result, Indian students with a Master’s degree or higher, who have completed at least one semester of study in France, are eligible for a specialized five-year short-stay Schengen visa. This provision has been specifically designed to foster ongoing connections between Indian alumni and their academic counterparts in France.

French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain emphasized the dedicated efforts invested by their teams to implement the decisions made by Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Modi during their discussions in Paris, with a focus on the benefits for students. He conveyed France’s eagerness to share its rich cultural heritage and world-class educational opportunities with Indian students, expressing a commitment to ensuring an exceptional academic and life experience in France and nurturing a long-lasting friendship.

The embassy also highlighted that the specialized programs offered under this initiative will provide comprehensive training in the French language and various academic disciplines. This will enable Indian students to excel in their studies and seamlessly adapt to the French education system. France’s dedication to simplifying the lives of Indian students is evident in this decision.

President Macron’s target of hosting 30,000 students from India by 2030 reflects France’s strong belief that welcoming a larger number of Indian students not only enhances academic excellence but also promotes cultural understanding and enduring friendship between the two nations. The embassy, in a statement, expressed this ambitious goal and emphasized the conviction behind it.

In line with this initiative, the embassy and the French Institute have announced the upcoming ‘Choose France Tour 2023’. This education fair, organized by the French government and Campus France, will be held in four major Indian cities: Chennai (8th Oct), Kolkata (11th Oct), Delhi (13th Oct), and Mumbai (15th Oct). The fair provides an excellent platform for Indian students and parents to engage with representatives from over 40 French higher education institutions, exploring a diverse range of study options.

Furthermore, with over 570 French companies employing more than 400,000 personnel in India, graduates with French qualifications have access to a wide array of career opportunities, including the chance to collaborate with globally renowned organizations.