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The Institute

Yadam Institute of Research is an independent, apolitical, intellectual and Social Entrepreneur organization established by Author, Social Scientist and humanitarian Yadam Ram Kumar. The Institute based on RAP (Research, Action and Publication). As per the by law of the Institute drafted by the Author Yadam, it has three wings; one is Research, Second is Publication and Third is Action. The Research Wing led by Dean and Research Officer of different rank undertakes the research on seven issues of Human Rights, such as, Human Duties and Responsibilities; Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights, Child Rights, Animal and Environmental Rights, Handicapped and Disabled Rights, Tribal and Indigenous Rights. (CATALOG-2017)

Action wing, headed by Co-ordinator and Social Work team, is as the title suggests a social and community developmental wing. The wing undertakes a mission, that is HUMAN RIGHTS LITERACY MISSION. It is a mission to educate every child in to Human Rights and Duties education by different modes as per their educational psychology with the aim to create an ideal citizen…read more…

Publication wing is the revenue generation wing, supports financially by publication of literatures. It publishes a journal ‘THE RIGHTS’ every quarter of the year. The wing also publishes all the books of Author Yadam in order to generate money and support financially for two other wings. The chief of wing is Editor-in-chief followed by an Editorial, printing and Distribution team….(CATALOG-2017)

Recognition Bodies

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