International Conference on Human Rights, Media and IT

Vol – 1: Issue – 1

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Title: Defining and Understanding of Human Rights from Different Perspectives

Author: Dr. Yadam Ram Kumar

Abstracts:  The paper is meritorious as it a deep investigation into the abstruse area of human rights, the definition. A meticulous attempt has been made concerning different perspectives such as legal, sociological, philosophical and peace defining human rights, and further a mentor’s explanation made to justify the given definition with a rationale to its concern. Full Text

Keywords: Human, Rights, Definition, Law, Society 

Title: Protection of Tribal Rights through Acculturation in Odisha

Author: Prabhakar Senapati

Abstracts: This is a small research essay on the acculturation in Christianity issue prevalent in Odisha. The positive aspect has been studied in the paper. The paper represents the developmental issues in terms of acculturation.

Keywords: Acculturation, Christianity, Dalits, Development and Tribals. Full Text

Title: Millennium Development of Juvenile Delinquency and Rights of India.

Author: Satyapriya Pattnaik

Abstracts: This is a research essay on the recent status and juvenile delinquency of India. Recently India is moving towards the various policies for protection and promotion of the rights of Juvenile delinquent. The paper focus on the different government initiatives with the historical touch followed from the independence of India. Juvenile delinquency is now a major problem and with the interference of united nation and its child related bodies India is moving rapidly in solving the issue.

Keywords: Child, Juvenile, Delinquent, Rights, Crime…Full Text

Title: A Critical analysis on LGBT rights and recent development in India

Author: Madhu Babu Chikili

Abstract: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in India face legal and social difficulties not experienced by non-LGBT persons. Sexual activity between two persons of the same sex is criminalised, and is punishable by incarceration. India does, however, legally recognize Hijras as a gender separate from men or women, making the country one of the few in the world to legally recognize a third gender.

Keywords: Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Trangender..Full Text

Title: Women in Crime; The millennium study on the crime committed by women in India

Author: Raksha Sharma

Abstracts: Abstracts: The paper is based on the two aspects of women and crime, one crime against women and another crime by women. As India reached to new millennium and the facets of both crimes have changed. The crimes in relation to women are also modernized so far this study concerned. This paper focus on crime committed by woman, than crime against woman because crime against woman has been a common gender and criminology research issue.

Keywords: Woman, Crime, Gender, Office, India…Full Text