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1. What is Human Rights Literacy Mission?

Ans: Human Rights Literacy Mission (HRLM) is to literate every child of age group 5 to 18 the rights and duties through different module as per their educational psychology and learning ability.(CATALOG-2017)

2. Who are primarily in the target group of HRLM?

Ans: All school going children, Primary, upper primary and high school.

3. How Human Rights Education is being imparted to early primary school students?

Ans: Class 1 and 2 are taken as beginners of HRLM. They are taught in colouring module. Each child is given a colouring sheet, where ten pictures depict the ten child rights with the rights mentioned below the pictures. The class teachers, explains the child the rights and ask them to colour each picture.


4. What is the mode of teaching to class-III and Class-IV Students?

Ans: Class-III and IV students are taught under colouring and writing module. The child does colour an Image of the unity and fill ten clouds with writing ten rights.

5. What is the mode of teaching to class V and VI class students?

Ans: Simply they have to write ten child rights and duties, explained by class teacher from the teacher manual. Each teacher is provided with a manual of Class V and VI. As per the direction of the Class teacher students jot down the rights and duties in the given black space.

 6. What is the module for Class VII and VIII students?

Ans: They are lower higher school students thus each child is given a text manual where three part available, one part is introduction to human rights, second part child rights and third part child duties. They are taught by class teacher and in a worksheet they are instructed to write a small essay containing three parts.

7. Class IX and X students manual.

Ans: Class IX to XII students are imparted education through a School certificate Course. They are given a Human Rights Literacy Kit. In the kit a text book, the assignment book, a chart paper and Application form available. They have to read the text book and write the answer of questions in the assignment book. They are also asked to draw in the chart paper pictures about human rights and duties. After completion of assignment the students are to participate a free workshop there the certificate and awards is being distributed.


8. What is the sign of human rights Literacy?

Ans: the index finger impression is defined as the sign of human rights literacy by the founder of HRLM Yadam Ram Kumar.

9. Who are the secondary Target Group?

Ans: Teachers and Parents of the children are in the secondary target group.

10. What is the aim and objective of the imparting human rights literacy to children?

Ans: Children are future of India. If children are educated human rights and duties then they will be an Ideal citizen of India by realizing their rights and doing their duties.

11. Who is an Ideal Citizen?

Ans: One who realize its own rights fully and does duty for nation is an ideal citzen.

12. What are the language impart?

Ans: HRLM is imparted to children in every language, they are able to learn.

13. Where first HRLM originated?

Ans: The pilot work of the HRLM done in Berhampur City of Odisha with few schools including, English medium, Regional Medium, Blind school and Vedic school. Now it began in MP, Telangana, AP, Delhi, Rajasthan.  



 I am a human, you are a human

The world is humanitarian

Recognize human as human

Say Only caste- human caste

Practice Only religion- humanitarian religion

We shall make the world

Abode of Humanity